Teeth Whitening in Winnipeg

To meet the demand of a growing trend to whiter teeth, a wide range of treatment options have been developed to help people improve their smiles. Whether your teeth are discoloured from excessive fluoridation, medication stains or normal wear of the outer layers of teeth, we can recommend highly-effective whitening treatments you can do in our clinic or at home.

Zoom! Teeth Whitening

At InStyle Dental, we provide our patients with Zoom! teeth whitening as an innovative and effective way to transform the appearance of teeth. If you no longer enjoy your smile, have yellow or dull looking teeth, dark stains or simply need to refresh your appearance, call us at 204-784-4422 to schedule an appointment with our dental office. In one appointment, we can dramatically improve your smile so that you can feel confident just in time for a special occasion.

At-Home Teeth Whitening

We also offer an at-home teeth whitening option to our patients.

  1. During your first visit, we take a detailed impression or mold which is used to develop clear plastic trays used to apply the whitening solution.
  2. A perfect fit is achieved and the trays produced.
  3. You take the trays home and begin treatments. The trays and whitening solution are worn twice a day for 30 minutes or overnight for two to three weeks. The time and schedule of the treatments will be determined by your cosmetic goals and the degree that your teeth are stained.