Custom Sports Mouthguards

Whatever contact sport you play — hockey, football, basketball, soccer, softball, rugby, mixed martial arts, or others, you should consider being fitted for a custom mouthguard from InStyle Dental.

Custom mouthguards offer a level of comfort and safety far above the store-bought boil-and-bite varieties by protecting your teeth, lips, cheek, and tongue from damage. They’re manufactured from medical grade acrylic which offers additional concussion-prevention padding. A custom mouthguard also helps protect against the risk of biting your tongue on impact.

Steps to Custom Fitting

  1. During your first appointment, we take a detailed impression, or mold of your mouth to ensure a perfect, comfortable fit.
  2. Using the mold, we fabricate your mouthguard in our own dental lab using medical grade acrylic.
  3. The mouthguard is tested at your next appointment.